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CC School

A Community for Critical Educators in Deaf Ed and Beyond.

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Welcome to CC School! "CC" stands for critical consciousness - a form of critical self-reflection that unlocks your fullest potential in promoting healing, transformation, and freedom in your classroom, school, or community. 

Critical consciousness can be practiced in a variety of ways, and in this online community, you'll learn how to master this habit with compassion and an intention to make the kind of difference that truly opens the door wider for your students to learn and develop knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in career, community, and life.

You know, many of us care about doing work that is truly of service to our own and others' wellbeing, whether that be educational, financial, spiritual, physical, or more, but we aren't always so sure of the best ways to serve different folks with different needs and desires in different contexts. We also know that there is a huge difference between being passionate about something deep in our minds, hearts, and souls and consciously living in alignment with those values.

When you master the habit of CC, you'll have a tool that serves you for life!

The Program

CC School is a community-based program that will take place for 10 months. There will be 1-2 powerful lessons released per month within this community and each lesson will be followed by a discussion with support from CC School team members. Everything you'll learn here at CC School is community and evidence-based, so it's backed up by personal narratives as well as the latest discoveries in research about issues such as racism, ableism, etc. in education, psychology, and sociology. 

 Best of all, every single lesson has its own activity where you'll take the ideas you just learned and put them into practice in ways that are relevant to you and those you serve. 

CC School will launch in September 2020 and run through June 2021. Membership is $30/month. You may cancel at any time.

Beyond Diversity & Inclusion

You've done the county-mandated workshops. Opted in to every additional training your administration offers on "diversity" and "inclusion." Invested your own time and money in certifications, continuing education courses and other resources designed to help you create more inclusive learning environments.

But you want more. To go beyond celebrating difference and amplifying the voices of your colleagues and students. Beyond working within the limits of the existing system.

You want to bring the thought revolution into your classroom.

The CC School curriculum gives you the tools to fundamentally shift your approach to both your students and your curriculum, to create new frameworks of understanding and analysis that acknowledge and dismantle systemic harm and violence without trauma to our communities.


The Community

At CC School, we work and learn as a community of educators dedicated to supporting one another as we do the difficult work of creating a new educational paradigm that acknowledges both that which is admirable and that which is problematic in our society and culture. Unpacking and examining some of our received wisdom about who we are and our place in the world will challenge you as an educator and as a human being - but you won't be alone. 

 Together, we enrich our collective understanding of how to do and be better, and I created CC School with knowledge-sharing as a foundational value. All members of the community are encouraged to speak from their personal and practical experience, whether as a teacher, student, administrator, or parent.


The Methodology

Throughout CC School, you will be challenged to change the way you engage with the world around you and approach the challenges you face as an educator or administrator serving a diverse population of students and families. You will be asked to question some of the underlying assumptions you carry unconsciously and encouraged to reflect on new ways of engaging with individuals and their experiences. 

How you choose to apply these tools, however, is entirely up to you based on your needs and those of your community. CC School is a solution-based program that aims to improve educational experiences and outcomes, but we recognize that all teachers, students and classrooms have distinct priorities (and limitations). With the help of your cohort, you are free to develop the resources best-suited to your specific circumstances, but we will not focus our time on one-size-fits-all worksheets, checklists or tracking systems - or anything else designed to insert additional layers of bureaucracy between you and your students!


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